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Songdog: Martin Huch

Martin Huch / © Carl Carlton (pedal steel, slide guitar, mandoline)

Martin was born in the year 1953 and began his musical career 1973 with "Lindener Spezial".

In the 70's he played for several bands. 1979 he developed his first important band, "Head over Heels". Although Martin hated Country-Music in the past - he fell in love with a Pedalsteel-Guitar.

In the 80's and 90's he predominantly worked with Heinz Rudolf Kunze (live and studio) and "besides" he had his own Countryband named "Lost Mavericks". He also played as studio-musician and author for "Wohnraumhelden", "Die Prinzen", Reinhard Mey and other musicians.

In the year 2003 Martin receives from Carl the offer to take up the steel- and slideparts and to play the mandolin and bouzouki on the up coming tour. Soon he got a part in the Songdogs-family and became one of the fans favourites. Martin Huch (the "Texasranger" from Hangover, Texas).

You want to know more about Martin? Have a look on his website: www.martinhuch.de